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Are you a student from Politecnico di Milano with a passion for space? 

Bring in your ability, enthusiasm, and desire to achieve high-tech progress in the innovative and competitive space arena.


Get exclusive access to contents, insights and be able to propose your own idea!

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01 Project proposal

Do you have a space-related project but you can’t find a team to develop it? Do you already have a team but you need supervision to carry on the work? In PoliSpace, you have the opportunity of making your project proposals and receiving advice from our panel of experts

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02 Discounts

As a registered member of polispace, you will be offered discounts and advantages for the events organised by Polispace which non-members do not.

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03 Dedicated Positions

You will be allowed to access your “Personal Area” on PoliSpace website. In this personal area we publish Job Offers, Special Events and Space Opportunities reserved just for the registered Members of the association.

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04 Certificate

Right after the subscription you will receive an email with your customized certificate of membership and a copy of the statuto of the association.

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05 Members Forum

When joining PoliSpace, you are joining an international community of space enthusiasts. To keep in touch, to exchange experiences and to stay updated on fresh challenges and opportunities, you will be included on our Slack platform on dedicated channels.

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06 Decide

As described in the Statuto, becoming a member of PoliSpace means you will be part of the “PoliSpace Members Assembly”, which contributes to the life and the development of the association. This way, you get to have your say in PoliSpace!


The association’s fee is set at 15 €, billed yearly.

Frequently Asked

No, the executives members are selected through dedicated calls.
If you’re interested in Executives positions you can find more info here

The subscription will last one year. Once it expires you will get a reminder to renew it.

Just register as a member of PoliSpace. After this, you will be allowed to submit your project through a form you will find in the “Propose a project” section

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