Space Architecture Project

Project Overview

As the presence of humans in space, and soon on the surface of the Moon and Mars, is increasing in duration, habitats will need to be adapted to allow living, beyond surviving.

While the development of such habitats is slowly gaining momentum, new technologies such as XR (eXtended Reality, combination of both VR and AR) will support the process, by initiating earlier or parallel user testing, to improve our wellbeing in space in the future.

With this project we’re aiming to be the first of its kind to build, test and improve future habitat concepts and bring our knowledge forward to the scientific community.

Project Workflow

We are using the VR glasses META QUEST 2, provided to us by the VR Lab of Politecnico di Milano. Our models are realized in RHINO, or alternatively Blender, and then transferred to the glasses or attached computer of the lab. From there, we analyse the experience based on feedback (think aloud protocal) by the participants willing to test our environments.


XR developer [1 position]

  • Develop the environment and habitats using Virtual Reality softwares
  • Prepare the interfaces for VR headset (META QUEST 2) integration 
  • Solve problems related to VR simulations and their implementation

General member [1 position]

  • Research and study the current and future space habitats design approaches 
  • Learn to work with virtual reality softwares

Team Members