Poli CubeSat

The long awaited Cubesat project is in it’s early stages of development. The team leaders and project manager have been chosen, and everyone has their eyes fixed upward, watch the spot where our cubesat will be zooming by in a number of months.  Here’s what you need to know:

The project aims to launch a 1~3U student CubeSat in 2023. Numerous industry partners have been acquired and a launch agreement proposed.

To boldly go, and bring you with us!

This will be the first cubesat entirely designed and built by students of Polimi. It will provide opportunities to get hands on in our university with a real life spacecraft and add an article to the history of our university.
Apply the skills you spent so many years learning here.

Join us, Ad Astra!

  • Research performed on CubeSat science and technology
  • Major industry partners acquired
  • Project leadership recruited and assembled
  • Member recruitment to begin shortly
  • This project is for all those who chose to study what they did because they wanted to do something extraordinary. For those who worked long days and late nights  to get here. For those who want to look up and point at the passing dot in the sky and say “I put that there”.

    If you want to leave a mark in the history of this University and move an entire industry of people, machines and money to make your dream of putting something in space a reality, then you need to join us. Let’s take one small step together.

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