SunCubes Project Call

Project Details:

The goal of SunCubes Laser Beam project is to study the feasibility of power transmission through the use of laser technology. The final objective is to develop a payload able to transmit power between 2 spacecrafts wirelessly. 

The study will be focused on:

  • Power source: dedicated to the primary power generation system;
  • Transmitting system: dedicated to the transformation of the primary energy source in a form suitable for wireless energy transmission; 
  • Receiving system: dedicated to the reception and transformation of the energy into a usable form;
  • Protection system: dedicated to the energy transmission in the safest possible way.
Project Planning


The project will be developed according to the following  milestones:

  1. State of the Art: study of the technologies already available and that fit the project objectives;
  2. Technology development on ground: create an experimental setup to transmit power through laser in a controlled environment on Earth;
  3. Technology miniaturization: reduce the size of the experimental setup with the aim to create a cubesat size payload. The driver is the feasibility, even a fraction of watt in terms of power transmitted can be appreciated;
  4. Payload design: adaptation of the technology to be flown and tested in space (relevant environment).

Positions Available:

We are searching for 4 Team Members:

The proposed positions are for those that are open to new ideas and are versatile in their work. The SunCubes team is looking for team members that are willing to contribute to the study and development of an innovative system aimed to transmit energy from distance in wireless mode.


  • Identify suitable technologies that may be able to meet the project objectives.
  • Carry out research on the working principles and the models used in literature for the selected technologies and for the environmental disturbances. 
  • Report to the Project Manager to ensure that the deadlines are feasible and can be respected.
  • Collaborate with Team Members to ensure that the overall design works properly.
  • Ensure good documentation is maintained, for smooth hand-over after graduation/resignation.

  • Full-time registered Bachelor’s or Master’s student at Politecnico di Milano – any department is welcome
  • Commitment to dedicate about 6-9 hours per week 
  • Commitment to working in a team
  • Available to be with PoliSpace for at least 6 months after joining
  • Positive attitude and open to discussion 
  • Excellent technical writing and editing skills (LaTex, Microsoft Office)
  • Be a challenger 😉
Nice to have

  • Experience with optic physics and laser technology
  • Experience with energy conversion devices (i.e. solar cells, thermal machines, etc. )
  • Experience with breadboard prototyping (i.e. Arduino, other electronic circuits, etc. )
  • Experience in the building of any powered system (i.e. RC vehicles, drones, PC, etc. )
  • Experience in modelling and programming with MatLab, Simulink, Python, C/C++.


Milan, Italy*
* Please note that due to Covid-19 pandemic the job can be carried on remotely

General Notes:

  • Candidates must submit both Motivation Letter and CV in English only, in this section;
  • The application is possible as long as the position is published on the PoliSpace website;
  • There will be at least 2 rounds of the recruitment process:
       – CV and Motivation Letter evaluation;
       – An interview with successful candidates.
  • To allow shifts in the ranking, successful applicants will be asked to confirm their position right after their selection;
  • Successful applicants will be given one month to become familiar with their teammates and tasks. After this month their position can be permanently confirmed. In any case, it is possible to resign at any time. 

For any queries about the application process, please contact HR Department of PoliSpace at

For technical questions reach instead: 


Getting a position in PoliSpace will lead you to:

    • Add value to your career acquiring several different skills related to your role
    • Collaborate and interact with Space Professionals from all over the world
    • Expand your network being in contact with Space companies and experts
    • Publish one or more paper(s) for conferences or on specialized journals
    • Receive an Official Certification of your role in the association and some customized gadgets

Keep also into account that as a team member you could have the chance in time to move up in the leading positions.

How to Apply:

If you are interested, submit your application through this form.


You can just apply for the Laser Optic team position provided in this document
No. It is specified that you shall submit your documents in English.
No. All positions are open to all students, Bachelors and Masters from any department of Politecnico di Milano.
No. The proposed roles do not include the status of Executive Member. You will be in the Temporary division under the project Department as described at the beginning of the Application Guidelines Document.

No, a preliminary working group has been established to study the State of the Art analysis and define the milestones. For this reason, the project is still in the preliminary phase, and your contribution will be fundamental to succeed.

As mentioned at the beginning of this document, after your selection, you will be asked to accept or decline the position. Given that, you can resign at any time during the course of the project without any consequences, provided that you have communicated your intentions at least one month before leaving. Meanwhile, remember that hand-overs due to graduation are expected, and it is strongly required to well document and report the milestones achieved. Indeed, before applying we remind you that we require serious engagements: the work and results of today will affect the achievement of tomorrow.

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