[R]overTech Team

“We, the dedicated members of [R]overTech, are united by a common mission: to excel in the field of robotics, engineering, and space exploration through innovative design, teamwork, and unwavering determination.” [R]overTech members


[R]overTech is a newborn project with the aim of participating at the ERC (European Rover Challenge) , a competition gathering team of students from all over the world with the passions for space and robotics


Our mission encompasses several key objectives:

Innovation: We aim to push the boundaries of technological advancement by creating innovative and efficient rover systems that demonstrate creativity and engineering excellence.

Learning and Growth: We are committed to providing our team members with a dynamic learning environment, fostering personal and professional growth through hands-on experience, mentorship, and collaboration.

Competition Success: We strive to achieve top rankings in rover competitions, showcasing our abilities and dedication on a national and international stage.

Outreach and Education: We are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists, and space enthusiasts by engaging with our community, sharing our knowledge, and promoting STEM education.

Sustainability: We will approach our projects with a focus on sustainability, considering the environmental impact of our designs and fostering responsible engineering practices.

Teamwork: Our success is built upon a foundation of strong teamwork, mutual respect, and effective communication. We value diversity and inclusivity within our team.


The project is divided into 4 departments


The Structures department is focused on the research and development of innovative solutions to get the most efficient design accordingly to the limits imposed by the competition, in this way it is essential to perform FEM analysis on the CAD models.


Here is where the magic happens, the members of this department give a “soul” to our rover so it can be fully autonomous, this team is focused on writing from scratch the software that will control the whole system.

Electronics & EPS


The Electronics & EPS department works on everything related with the inside of the Rover: batteries, engines, load distribution, cable management and so on. Here the interaction with other departments is crucial because they have to understand the needs of the whole team providing us the most suitable components.


The science department works for the scientific task starting with the preliminary analysis and the path choice, then it comes the actual mission with samples, images and objects collection. Last but not least the geological analysis of the collected samples in order to confirm or disprove the hypothesis done during the first step.

The competition

We are currently planning to participate in the European Rover Challenge (ERC) 2024 edition and other competitions all around the globe. The ERC is one of the best competition for space exploration enthusiasts! Help us to design, build, and compete our own space rover in simulated challenges, testing your skills and connecting with industry experts. It’s the perfect opportunity to step into the world of space exploration. Don’t miss the chance to join our team
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Oct 2022-Aug 2023
Project Start

Formation of the team

Realization of the functional analysis

Meeting with PoliMi for a collaboration

Search for a professor/advisor

Start of the design process

Sep 2023 - Dec 2023
Design Optimization

The rover's design in perfectioned and completed.

Coding of control software

Jan 2024 - Mar 2024
Assembly Time

The rover is assembled and first structural tests are made

Apr 2024 - Aug 2024
More testing

The rover undergoes a phase of heavy testing, resolution of problems and performance optimization.

Aug 2024 - Sep 2024
Last tests

Based on the test results, last minute tweaking and optimization are realized.

Final preparation for the competition

Sep 2024

Partecipation in ERC 2024

Oct 2024 and beyond
Future developments

Partecipation at ERC annually and to other competitions