Tommaso Sibilia

MEEVA Project

Analog Space Missions push the Analog Astronauts (AA) to their limits. During Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs) the temperature inside the spacesuit can rise to uncomfrotable levels and challenging tasks can increase the AA’s stress. But how can stress be measured? And how to make the EVA a more comfortable experience? MEEVA aims to be an answer to both issues.

SPARC Project

How can habitat spaces be optimized to suit human needs in space? How can we make the habitat more human-centered?
Many challenges for the future sustain of human life in space need to be overcome, the aim of the SPARC Project is to test existing space habitat concepts using Virtual Reality (VR). Testing a user’s experience will help us develop safer, more comfortable, and habitable spaces making the living in space, beyond surviving, a closer reality.