No plans for your Saturday Night? Pizza & MEEVA always sounds great!

Have you ever wondered how pizza was invented?  Legend has it that the most famous pizza was created by the stroke of genius of the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito in 1889. King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of the Italian Reign during that time were visiting the Capodimonte Royal Palace in Naples. Raffaele was known …

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RoverTech Team

[R]overTech is a newborn project with the aim of participating at the ERC (European Rover Challenge) , a competition gathering team of students from all over the world with the passions for space and robotics

DINING ON MARS: When you take Michelin stars literally

What will Martian colonist eat? 3D printed food, bioreactors and hydroponic cultivations will be the key of future food chain on both Earth and Mars. Let’s explore the most advanced technology in the food field.

Revolv Space: A Cool Collaboration for PoliSpace in These Hot Days

Summer has begun, and whether you are working, studying, or planning vacations, you are also struggling with the heat. Everyone has their way of surviving these hot days on Earth, but how do you manage heat dissipation in space? Five PoliSpace Space-Tech division members asked themselves the same question while designing a heat dissipation system for SARA, a satellite component by Revolv Space.