A grounded look into the skies: The Ground Station Project

(…) How can we predict the weather? A key part of this, and several other technologies, are ground stations! Surely it can’t be easy to design, manufacture and implement one of these, right? Well, whilst it is indeed not trivial, it is also not something that’s out of our reach! Here at PoliSpace, members of the SpaceTech group have been working on what has been labeled The Ground Station Project.

Dr. Giuseppe Cataldo: The Man Behind the Engineer

Last year, in mid-December, PoliSpace organized an interesting conference hosting Dr. Giuseppe Cataldo who spoke about the MSR Campaign. He currently works planetary protection in the MSR Program Office.  We are often used to thinking of engineers working at NASA as superhumans of a completely different breed. This may be true, but every great story …

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Spark of Innovation: A Brief History of Electric Propulsion

When we think of rocketry, we commonly think of the impressive images and videos of spacecrafts being launched utilizing huge earth-shaking rockets, propelled through the skies by a scorching trail of exhaust and flames. These are our traditional thermochemical rocket thrusters, and since the advent of rocketry, they have been our most reliable way to get things out of our planet.

MEEVA Project

Human Space exploration presents many technical challenges when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of astronauts, both on a physiological and psychological level; therefore, it is crucial to train future astronauts and test the technologies that will enable them to venture beyond our planet beforehand.

“Per aspera ad astra”: the EPv0 story

Born out of necessity, grown with strength. This is EPv0, a Polispace story. Have you ever met someone so brilliant that you want to be part of their idea, their goal? This is what brought the EPv0 project to life when Sidereus and Polispace connected during the 2021 IAC conference. Sometimes it’s a spark, sometimes …

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Mars Sample Return Campaign: Owner’s Manual

On Friday 15th of December, PoliSpace held a great event. We had the chance to connect with Dr Giuseppe Cataldo, who spoke about the Mars Sample Return Campaign. After the conference we could reach him and ask some more questions to know more about him and his life. You will know everything about the interview in our next article, but know let’s step back and see what MSR Campaign is.

SPARC Project

How can habitat spaces be optimized to suit human needs in space? How can we make the habitat more human-centered?
Many challenges for the future sustain of human life in space need to be overcome, the aim of the SPARC Project is to test existing space habitat concepts using Virtual Reality (VR). Testing a user’s experience will help us develop safer, more comfortable, and habitable spaces making the living in space, beyond surviving, a closer reality.

MA – EE&PL Members Recruitment

PoliSpace is the first student space Association of Politecnico di Milano, founded in September 2020 by a group of space enthusiasts. 

If you are a Polimi student and a space enthusiast, don’t miss this opportunity to become an executive member of PoliSpace:

As one of the executive members, you will take care of specific aspects connected with your role to boost the development of the association in all the sectors it is involved in.